Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Learning All About Babies at another exciting Smart Parenting Workshop at the Diamond Hotel

Cheers to another exciting adventure with Smart Parenting magazine! I could never thank the wonderful editorial and events team of Summit Media for always letting me be part of their delightful  and empowering parenting events. Here's Smart Parenting Workshop: All About Babies! 
As I do what I love best, and with one of the groups I love most, Summit Media. Here's this li'l boy, the person I love the most. And he was my photographer and assistant for the day: 
He was listening so intently to all of the workshop's resource speakers too!
One of the day's highlights was a skin care segment by Belo Baby: 
It's an honor to be alongside these four lovely women as Smart Parenting unveiled the Smart Moms Seal of Approval! From left to right are the three gorgeous Belo Baby endorsers, Patty Laurel Filart, Kelly Misa Fernandez and Nicole Hernandez The fourth lady, right beside me is no less than the lovely EIC of Smart Parenting, Leah San Jose. I am so glad to have worked a lot with these ladies, here's another event I shared with them: Marylaine Viernes emcees the first-ever Smart Parenting Convention by Summit Media
Fooling around with these beauties, Patty and Nicole! Special thanks to a wonderful event buddy, that handsome photographer (with a very handsome back) is Summit Media's JC!  
 We love prizes and freebies! Aren't these moms and moms-to-be just blooming? They're already so beautiful but I bet these goodies also helped bring out their loveliest smiles!
So... my trusty little photographer took no proper videos of the event (sigh...) except for this voice over video clip... please watch:  
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