Sunday, April 22, 2018

Naughty or Nice, everyone loves Shopkins on Ice!

What a splendid surprise, skating all day, dreams come alive on Ice... welcome one and all to Shopkins on Ice! This has got to be my most memorable affair with my Richprime Global Family! Feel my cool vibe on the ice with some of these videos:
And here's another video of my unforgettable hosting on ice...
Hands up, freeze! Yes, we were all freezing on the cold ice skating rink, but I absolutely loved every minute of this event for it was super cool! 
Thank you Richprime Global for this freezing cool hosting gig!
Every Shopkins event is so memorable to me. Here's a look back at another Shopkintastic party I hosted; please click on the following link: Events and party host, Marylaine Viernes, invites you to come and Join the Shopkins Party!
Thanks everyone for reading about this memorable experience... for more about my life as an events host, please follow the following links too: 
Marylaine Louise Viernes Professional Events Host Website: []
And if you'd like to watch my videos in action, doing what I love most and what I do best, please follow the link below for my Youtube videos: 


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