Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Expressing my joy and passion as I emceed for and Celebrated Hallmark Moments!

This is the moment when the one brand I always expect during Christmas, Hallmark, finally gets me to be their emcee for their awesome word festival at the UP Town Center, Ayala Mall! This memorable event, "Celebrate Hallmark Moments," also marks the 30th year of Hallmark Philippines! But first, one of my videos of this one-of-a-kind festival... 
I absolutely loved how this event, the first type of its kind that I've ever hosted, appealed to its audience's sensibilities, as to my heart. This event featured poets from Words Anonymous, superstar poets in their own right who has enlivened open mic poetry in the country.... what a remarkable honor it was to be there this special, starry, zen night! 
Is it obvious that I was so ecstatic to be here? So glad to be both the emcee of the evening, and also rapporteur-sightseer-cum-member of the spoken poetry fanatic audience! An unforgettable celebration indeed... 
Celebrated Hallmark Moments mary-the-host
Speak! And igniting the night was Henri Igna, one of the more popular spoken poetry artists in the country... I am surprised with how much this craft has gained ground through the years! Do I want to join them? Well... I auditioned impromptu as I tried to do spoken word poetry in my hosting but I guess I failed... 
Celebrated Hallmark Moments mary-the-host
Checking on my wonderful audience... they were shy and sweet; the type to really feel with words... we listened to poetry and also played #HugotLine games that night; there were so many wonderful freebies from Hallmark given out throughout the evening... 
Celebrated Hallmark Moments mary-the-host
Celebrated Hallmark Moments mary-the-host
But if you think it was all just words and poetry; think again! We also had Itchyworms rock the stage that night, and I just had to pose with the amazingly talented and funny Jugs Jugueta, who is also a tortoise love like me! He has a ton of torts, now I only have three, but here's our photo with my tortoises, back when I used to have my dear sweet Hosea... (Read: A tribute to my beloved pet tortoise, Hosea)
Celebrated Hallmark Moments mary-the-host
Peek-a-boo! I see you! I hope to see you visiting my blog again! Watch out for my next posts... OMG I have so much more to write; I find it hard to keep up with blogging with the amount of work (both day job and hosting gigs) but hey, I can't complain! Indeed, time is so precious...  
Celebrated Hallmark Moments mary-the-host
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