Thursday, October 29, 2015

A flavourful journey with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines

Choose to give Flavourfully today! 
To this day, I am mesmerized as I was a big part of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines' Give Flavourfully event: the holiday launch and Giving Journal 2016 party! I am both honored and humbled to serve as emcee for such a memorable affair; every bit of it was as delightful as every cup of my favorite Cafe Latte at what for me is the world's greatest coffee and tea shop! But it's more than that for their meals - especially those gourmet meals exclusively at The Coffee Bean Bistro are simply to die for! 
Note: Apologies on the photos I didn't have a proper companion with me, just my sister's GF who I am so grateful to, but she had to act as nanny to my son too, so sorry about my bizarre snaps. Like this one above: is this photo about me as a host - or about my cheeky little love? LOL... this is proof that he is ALWAYS in the picture, especially in my life's most wonderful scenes! 
I had my rounds of humor and laughter hosting the event, and boy did I never, ever run out of puns! That was the coffee in me! That's right, blame it on the yummy, rich and flavorful CBTL coffee! But more than that, the crowd was really so easy to be with; everyone in the CBTL community so kind, supportive and I felt that I wasn't amongst friends... but amongst family! My classic line, that I was so flattered some of them re-tweeted was: "Giving Journal Ka Ba?"..... "Bakit..." ....." Kasi I want to start my JOURNEY with you....." LOL. 
And speaking of family, my little man was with me during the event, like usual! Above shows some of our crazy snaps: I don't know what's harder - getting him to SMILE for the camera, or squatting, like so; here I am squatting as usual - in HIGH HEELS as I spoke to some of the guests and waited for my mic back... 
Excuse his sullen facial expressions and most of all - those traces of chocolate by his lips; he really enjoyed so much, especially the delectable pastry treats! Like these yummy nummies below... Nomnomnom! I am so hungry now!
Christmas is indeed in the air! I love these wonderful treats which you can only find at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! But we didn't just get to enjoy the treats; we also revelled in the four awesome craft areas after the program: paper-cutting, hand-lettering, calligraphy and my baby's favorite... the water coloring station! No photo of that though, just this one below, his hand-lettering magnum opus:  
Thank you, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for trusting me with such an amazing opportunity... to be in the midst of such brilliant minds with humble hearts whose infectious smiles come from savoring a cup of their favorite CBTL beverage and meeting new friends! Thank you for making me part of such a inspiring affair; I am forever proud that I am part of the CBTL community! 
Congratulations on a successful kick-off party for the CBTL Giving Journal and I cannot wait to grab my very own CBTL journal soon - as I look forward to an awe-inspiring and fulfilling 2016! Cheers to Coffee, Tea and Community! Be inspired to give flavorfully today and visit the official site of The Coffee Bean by clicking on this link: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines Website

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