Saturday, April 4, 2015

Deserving the Best Blessing of all...

Whenever I look at my son, I wonder what good I have done to serve so much goodness in my life. The overwhelming, overflowing love I feel for him just grows each day, that while he certainly completes me, I am determined to better myself, to pick up from mistakes because here is this little 5-year old driving force that beckons me to keep pushing in spite of the challenges and fears I encounter. His presence reassures me that it is okay to be afraid, even as I know I must strive to be strong and fearless for him. 
Matty and I above, with his Medal! One of the most profound and precious gems of wisdom that I learned from this boy is how "songs stick in his head." Silly or simple perhaps, but I had never given much thought about that I ingest through my senses. One time, I was singing this Nicki Minaj song, and he kept saying that it was a foul, "bastos" song. Finally since I tend to sing a line from this song, he told me, "Mom, do you want that song to get stuck in my head?" He actually knows about the Last Song Syndrome, and is very well aware of how repetitive words and rhymes can "get stuck" and somehow ingrained in his system - without me explaining or briefing him about it. 
I am glad that while he is boyish and fun-loving, he is naturally good, guarded and honest. (totally opposite of me at times) And that was when I made a vow to consciously veer away from sensibilities that can affect him especially subliminally. That plus more amazing things that make me realise each day how blessed I am to have a boy with such a good heart. A good heart and spirit that I must always protect and nurture, and in the process, improve myself too. 
And did I mention what a very handsome boy he is as well?  Indeed, he is my Greatest Blessing. - Marylaine Louise Viernes

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