Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Total Empowerment with Total Girl and 3M's Post-It & Scotch

Totally had a fun time at Colegio de Sta. Rosa for the Total Girl Talk, with Summit's Total Girl Magazine, presented by Post-It and Scotch, by 3M. I totally loved the fact that I got to bond with creative tweens as they showcased their dreams and passions through the Dream Boards, thanks to Post-It and Scotch products, which I have loved using ever since I was a little girl, a student and now as a professional. But more than that, I was over the moon when I saw my friend from way back, when we used to live in Alabang Hills - the ever beautiful, Miss De Rivera who is now the brand manager for 3M! Loved seeing her again, truly everything about this event harks me back to the time when I was just training, hoping, praying for my dreams - the foundations, I'd say, for a lovely and bright future. Also I cannot forget my good friend and Ate Beth, who used to work with me for the Mattel (Barbie, Monster High and La Dee Da events) but now got me when she transferred to Summit! I am so thankful indeed; I have yet to really achieve all my dreams, but I can definitely say that I am certainly getting there! 

I am so at peace where I am now. I know I am going somewhere great. I am no longer in a rush, going in circles the way I used to. Plus I get to do the things I love most - hosting for fabulous events every single weekend non-stop, while working for a prestigious company, where I recently got promoted as Senior Manager! But while I am happy and ALWAYS, ALWAYS busy, on the flip side of the daily buzz is that I barely have time for myself, there's just so much to do and I tend to have so many things on my to-do list daily. After I accomplish a building-load of things, there's another truckload coming in! But good thing I never forget, thanks to my Post-It Pads which I love! 

Okay, I am already getting carried away with day job and my own life's milestones, so let me get back to the fab Total Girl Talk again now. For this event which I hosted, we also featured two inspiring ladies, in the persons of Ms. Beam Mariano and Ms. Ines Bautista. Both ladies are very talented indeed, and they taught the lovely Total Girls how they too can one day achieve their dreams! 

The best part was having the bosses of 3M including my friend the beautiful Missy De Rivera and the Publisher of Total Girl, Ms. Leslie Bulatao - judge the winners for the Dream Board design activity using the best and coolest new products from Scotch and Post-It! 

Indeed, we all had a mesmerizingly wonderful time and I am just so happy to be part of that Total Girl Party! Watch out for the next Total Girl Talks coming in your campuses soon! 

Marylaine Viernes 

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