Sunday, August 3, 2014

Making Waves at the JGC Family Day!

As Summer ends, I give one last hurrah at Fun, thanks to the most exciting event I have hosted to date - the JGC Company Outing and Family Fun Day! I am indeed so honored that this multinational gas and petrol firm has trusted me to host their program that was brimming with exciting and fun games, activities and surprises. Best of all, my family and I too, were invited to enjoy one memorable day at Splash Island right after the program!

We were all smiles, especially my son, who got to visit Splash Island for the very first time. I am just delighted and thankful at the fact that I earn while doing what I love - and that is to host events, but the icing on top is that this also becomes a bonding time for me and my little boy. Time flies by so fast and as I do my own thing at work, excel as an events host, and also allow my son to experience so many great things with me. Below shows me with my co-host who happens to be an employee of the company, and this adorable little girl who just won a prize from one of our many games! 

I tried to come as a mermaid... I used the mermaid princess head piece from the Barbie Pearl Princess events. And I just couldn't stop showing how I loved being a "little mermaid", getting all wet and messy with the kids (and parents) there during the bubble show! It was indeed a blast! One of the most POP-ular activities there. Pop goes the bubbles! 

Thank you so much to this amazing events and art design team, PARAMINT, led by Jan and Paola Sebial! I look forward to more fun events with your superb team! And now, after such a successful and memorable program, it was time to be with family... and my boy was bouncing with glee as he went wild with the artificial wave rides, the kiddie kayaks, the relaxing river and of course, the gigantic slides! 

It is important for me to always have great memories to cherish, that's why I try as much as I can, let my son have awesome childhood experiences, the subconscious foundation of his character, and perhaps things that will mold him to be a critical thinker and problem solver. 

We definitely had a great time, another fond experience adding up in my son's childhood memory bank which he will take along with him as he grows up! The rainy days are here, as much as we would like to go swimming again, we'd have to defer our outdoor plans for now. It may no longer be summer, but as they say, no matter how the seasons change outside of you, what matters is what season it is inside of you. And with this, I end with a quote by Albert Camus: 

"In the depth of Winter, I finally learned that there was in Me, and Invincible Summer." 

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