Sunday, June 22, 2014

Celebrating Life with CORDLIFE

I have known the amazing team of Cord Life Philippines for the past 2 years as I have been emceeing for a slew of events where they took part as sponsors. But this year I am so blessed to be working directly with them for their own company-initiated events. They have come along way since I first met them and now they have become pros already at mounting their own events and of course in their advocacy of educating Filipinos on the value of banking your child's cord blood - something that I wish I knew 5 years ago when I was still infanticipating the greatest blessing of my life, Godric Matthew.  

I have already worked with them for two events already, back in May for their Mother's Day event and now recently for their fab event in June, in celebration of Father's Day! Plus I look forward to many fun and empowering activities with them; just when I thought that I already have an expanded vocabulary, I realize that there are so many words new to my ears - such as "metabolic disorders," or "cryogenics" and "cryopreservation." 

Great thing Dr. Arvin Faundo, the Medical Director of CordLife Philippines was there to enlighten us all not with just these technical / medical terms, but also about what astounding and groundbreaking services CordLife Philippines provides to all parents out there. They alone offer CORDBLOOD BANKING, UMBILICAL CORD BANKING and recently, or through this Father's Day event, we launched their latest service, METASCAN, which is Newborn screening made better, for through this, over 100 Metabolic Disorders in newborns can be screened and treated or addressed upon detection. And to think that back when I had my son, his newborn screening only detected about 9 disorders! 

Saving Lives by the best, cutting-edge measures is what CordLife does best and I am just so glad that apart from their recent Father's Day activity, I also emceed their Mother's Day event which was held at and in partnership with St. Luke's Global City, and below is a look-back at this fun event, attended by tons of expectant Moms and Dads, many of whom won amazing prizes from CordLife Philippines! 

I just love being a mom to my brilliant 5-year old and I feel so blessed for every single experience that enriches me. I am so thankful for such a rewarding day job, for endless hosting jobs on weekends and best of all opportunities to let my son have the best childhood which will be the foundation of his unbelievably blessed future. 

We must never stop learning, growing, progressing. Up to now and always, I am forever grateful to my son and my Greatest Blessing, the very core of my being a Parent. A stream of blessing, opportunity and courage came along with him, forming my ever-evolving Wisdom. And so I close this post by dedicating to him a lovely quote I stumbled upon: 

"The Child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another Child like him..." 

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