Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Every Mom MUST have MUSTELA

Motherhood is the foremost facet of my being. When I became a mom, my life didn't just stop at being a mother. In fact, Motherhood has revealed the strength, the wisdom and the energy I never imagined I could ever have. 

One of my most favorite #TBT snaps of my baby boy!

Whenever I hold my son, Godric Matthew, I whisper the same words I used to say to myself back when he was in my womb, "My Greatest Blessing." And to this day, he keeps growing, changing, developing a personality that makes me think, was this the same noisy infant I cradled in my arms before? All I know is that I love him more and more each day. I can fully embrace my being, while I embrace his whole being, and do my best to help him soar on his own one day. 

Apart from his plump baby cheeks and that heavenly baby scent, I miss shopping for baby stuff! But I am proud and confident - and most of all thankful, that I was able to - get him the best baby essentials, especially during the first and most crucial months of his life. And I am proud to say that I also use something that he uses back then until now, MUSTELA skin care products!   


I love MUSTELA products, but I was more than thankful when I met the beauty and brains behind MUSTELA, Atty. Sharleen Cu-Unjieng! She was so generous to send me a sample pack after we met at the MOTHERCARE CIRQUE DU BEBE Baby and Kids Fair, which I emceed for (I will write a separate blog post on that). 

Atty. Sharleen may be quite the achiever (so humble too, as she is quick to say, "Call me Sharleen lang...") she is both a lawyer and a businesswoman, successful on both counts. But I saw that it is being a Mother to her 3 amazing kids that gives her the most pride and joy! She also shared the best things about motherhood, with tips on how to best care for babies' sensitive skin. 

Gotta love that tagline: "Protect today for tomorrow." And one of their bestsellers, and also my best friend, is the skin freshener, which my son and I love to share and spritz on especially now that I enrolled him in Soccer Camp!  

I am so proud of my son, who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. I enrolled him last minute in Soccer school because I thought he should take Math and Writing courses first, but he was hell bent in being part of a Soccer Camp. And I am amazed at how at ease he is with the field. I know that PROTECTION does not mean that I should physically be there for him all the time. It is also about equipping him with the abilities to plow his way through whatever field. And I heard from his coach he stands out, and his love for the game really shine through. And of course it helps that apart from sipping water, my mom and his yaya sprays him with our favorite MUSTELA product to make him feel refreshed in an instant!   

Thank you very much MUSTELA for helping take good care of my handsome son's beautiful skin! From his sensitive baby skin and now to his active soon-to-be-a-soccer-star skin! Oh, and I find it funny and nice that my son's favorite soccer outfit - in blue - is also the same color as Mustela's logo and packaging material! We're part of Team Mustela!!!

Soon, I will be writing too about the fantasy-come-alive, the Mothercare Cirque du Bebe Baby and Kids Fair! As a teaser, I'd like to add my son's cute and rather Cotton Candid snap... What do you think? He may have grown a lot from the first photo, but he will always be my charming, handsome man! 

My bumper sticker below shows a few of the many amazing things my son has taught me: Infuse great love in whatever I do, no matter how trivial it may seem, until it grows into something great... Keep my focus and invest only on the things I value - and on those alone... Try to be patient (I have yet to really learn this, but I am trying!)... and my favorite? Not to pray for a lighter load, but to pray for more strength, faith and determination for every challenge that comes my way. 

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