Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gratitude in Retrospect: My first gigs with Philips AVENT

I have been happily hosting events for Philips AVENT Philippines for the past 5 years and pray that I will always get to do so! I will never forget how they generously gifted my son and I with an amazing set of newborn-must haves, which includes the Philips AVENT Toddler feeding set, Classic feeding bottles, the legendary manual breast pump, the sturdy electric sterilizer which I still use now, four years after, and even a nice bag to go with it. Motherhood for me, has been one extraordinarily amazing and empowering journey, with Philips AVENT by my side, like they have been helping moms all over the world for years! 

I take so much pride in being part of the Philips AVENT family (distributed exclusively by the LJS Group) and I will pepper my new blog with the many events we've had! But for this very first blog post about Philips AVENT, it has to be about the first two events I have had with them. 

Just a request: please excuse my super low-res, fuzzy amateur photos! I had my Yaya , or was it my little boy, snap these. Just please feel the vibe of love and pride that emanate from these happy memories.  

Wow, Doc Chris Soriano and I (photo below) go way back! I just recently interviewed him for another Philips AVENT segment during the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair 2014! 

Happy smiles everywhere! These memories are truly special. Above was the very first time I got to work with Philips AVENT. And below was the second event i emceed for, at the Greenbelt mall, in partnership with Mothercare... 

Starting him young... I cannot remember when my passion for hosting events sparked! But i certainly will remember this very moment when my son became so fascinated at the microphone as he enjoyed drinking from his AVENT milk bottle! Or perhaps he was thinking if he can also drink from the mic, since he has seen me put it close to my lips! 

Right after, I let my hair down and we visited the bazaar which my family and I participated at. I always enjoy being with my son, my Greatest Blessing! 

To cap this tribute, I would like to zoom in on the bottle that gave me worry and fuss-free nights, that allowed me to pursue my other passions on top of being a mom. I will also talk about their recently unveiled product lines, but for now, I would like to thank Philips for introducing this world-class feeding bottle.

Learn more by visiting http://avent.philips.com and follow Philips AVENT on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching Philips AVENT Philippines. 

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